Perhaps Some Things are Just Meant to be … Nostalgic.

Student Council (OSIS-MPK) LXVII — XVII of SMAN 2 Bandung. Photo: Tyas
Bulan Bahasa 2018, with all the guys — some even forcibly — dragged out of their classrooms because they have to succeed our very first event. Photo: personal documentation
Teacher’s Day 2018, but the photographer was so bad he/she couldn’t even capture the sticky notes photo frame properly. Photo: Erdiva
Sports Week (Porak) “Fortimentum” 2018, with our lord sentuy (MPK Former-President-to-be) in red vest and me somewhere out of the picture. Photo: Kania
Gowes to Charets 2019, from the after movie video yet the documentation division was so bad they didn’t document the winners receiving the prize I was talking about. So not good. Clip:
OSIS-MPK LIX IX — LXVI XVI Iftar 2019, with the damned dates which this intelligence of mine failed me to read. Photo: personal documentation
Some logistical works for Charets Open 2019, Ms. Tini was so strict but it was certainly an awesome experience. Photo: personal documentation
My campaign poster for the upcoming president vote, with cringy hashtags because I don’t need em anyway. Photo: personal documentation

Enam tujuh-tujuh belas, beres.



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Anshari Hasanbasri

Anshari Hasanbasri

Studies medicine 🧑‍⚕️. Currently writes on health ⛑, education 🧑‍🎓, day-to-day documentaries 📹, with unpopular ideas 💡 along the way. Writes in 🇬🇧🇮🇩